Jenni Frampton is a gifted Psychic Medium. All her life Jenni has helped others through mediumship, healing & counselling.

Thoughout her journey she has constantly expanded her knowledge and understanding, including studying at the Arthur Findlay Spiritual College for mediumship and healing at Stansted in England. Jenni does regular platform-medium work in spiritual churches throughout New Zealand, individual and group trance medium and healing sessions, as well as teaching spiritualist classes and workshops.

Check out Jenni's book "Soul Inspiration" 

Jenni offers personal one-on-one readings from her home in Hamilton, New Zealand. 




Lyn-Marie Moss is a gifted psychic medium, using her mediumship abilities from a young age.

Her focus is on spirit, and guidance for your journey in this world.

She has worked extensively as a platform medium, delivering spirit messages to audiences around New Zealand. She also co-runs development classes and workshops in conjunction with her Mum, Jenni, herself a prominent medium.

Lyn-Marie offers one-on-one Spiritual readings and Tarot readings from her home in Hamilton, New Zealand.