I recently had a reading with Jenni Brockbank. She clearly identified members of my family and it was hard to believe she doesn't actually know them! She brought clarity to every question I had and gave insights into directions I could take in the future. I would highly recommend Jenni to everybody.



Recently Jenny Brockbank has given our daughter a reading. We have found it extremely beneficial. Her comments were she was really nice and understanding she listened to me not judging without criticism, and made me feel a lot better. We cannot recommend her enough as parents she instantly connected with her allowing an open and honest experience with amazing results.

Chris and Jo


I received a reading from Jen which at the time my defences were not ready to accept certain changes i needed to make in my life to heal me for the better. Recently, I gathered the strength to do exactly that.

The whole time Jen was in my mind empowering me to make a positive break. So Jen thanks heaps for your words of wisdom it took time but I got there.

Your a wonderful person.




Hi Jenny

I would just like to take the opportunity to thankyou so much for conducting the spiritual development class's on tuesday evenings. You have a wonderful nack of making people feel welcome and at ease,while allowing everyone in the class to develop and grow at there own pace and not to mention its great fun. I have to say that i am hooked and i look forward to coming to your class's each week.

See you next tuesday!

Love & Light




Hi there just wanted to let you know Jenny that I really enjoy the evening classes you were running on Tuesday nights and can't wait to start up again. I have gained so much from them

Thank you


I had a reading with Jenni and would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about getting a reading. Jenni was able to help put my mind at rest about a health issue and decision that I had been struggling with. She was also 100 percent right about the positive outcome of this health issue.

During the reading, a lot of accurate and detailed information came through, and when I told my family about this, they were amazed at the detail of information that came through.

I found Jenni to be kind and easy to talk to and I felt much better after my reading.

Thanks again!




Hello Ladies.

I met the two of you in Cambridge in November during a psychic supper. Afterwards, I asked Lyn-Marie for a private reading, and just wanted to thank you!

It was amazing and the information you brought me has given me much happiness (just to jog your memory, I was the young lady who sat at the dining room table sobbing uncontrollably, tears of happiness - that is, while my mum searched high and low for tissues) :)




Hi Lyn-Marie....I saw you in TA a few weeks ago. Thank you for the awesome reading. It was a good first experience. The things you shared were very accurate although i know that over time things will continue to fall into place.

Love & Light
T :)



The medium night I hosted with both Jenny and Lyn-Marie as Mediums was a great success.

Myself and the 9 other friends that came thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Everyone responded saying they had a great night and thought the readings where correct as far as what was going on around them and the news of forth comings where exciting and interesting.

I enjoyed having the different types of readings which included the Medium, Tarot, Colour Cards and Lyn-Marie's box of different fabrics. This kept the groups attention. With lots of laughter.

As friends where leaving they asked when the next night was going to be held.

I think this shows just how unique and clever you two are. Thanks for a wonderful evening.




I have had Readings from both Lyn-Marie & Jenny, & I would highly recommend both ladies. They are very comforting warm people who put you at ease as soon as you meet them. This to me was very important when going through something so personal & emotional.

I get a yearly Reading from Lyn-Marie, and find that she has been able to communicate with my family & friends that have passed. I find her to be very accurate with their personalities, quirks & discriptions. Lyn-Marie has also foretold many upcoming events for me, that have come to fruition.

I have also been very fortunate to have experienced one of the Spiritual Evenings. I was never put on the spot with the reading given to me & felt at ease with others around as no messages were given of a personal or upsetting nature. I am looking forward to being apart of another one of these Evenings.




Hi Lyn-Marie,

Just wanted to say thanks for the reading. It has really uplifted me at a time when I was feeling really impatient with my health and just wanted to be better, while realising I am a lot better than I have been.
I look forward to your predictions being revealed in the fullness of time.
Thanks again,



Lyn-Marie is fantastic! She is warm and inviting making you feel very at ease with the whole process. She is spot on with her readings, even the tiny little things she picks up on make you go oh wow when they happen.


Hi Lyn-Marie
I found the whole experience fantastic. You're a beautiful gentle woman, and the reading was so enlightening, the re-connection with my Dad felt so good, the 'heads up' on things to watch and listen for, for me, my children and those close to me is such an advantage. I came away feeling calmer with a greater understanding of many things in my life. Its so nice knowing with my guides beside me I'm not alone.
Thank heaps
Love Jillian



Hi Lyn-Marie,
I wish I'd come to you years before I did!
I love how we sit at your table and my guides join us to share things - I love how easy and conversational it is. It brings me such peace to know dad and husband are still with me - to know I'm not alone. It's like having a life guide - I guess that's what they are, in fact, and makes an immense difference to my life. The heads up of coming events for me and those close to me is immeasurably helpful. I love how I feel when I leave your place - energised, confident and ready to face whatever may come. You have an amazing gift and you gladly share it with warmth and a laugh along the way.
Thank you so very much!



I couldn't have been happier with my reading from Lyn-Marie. She has a wonderful gift and the sense of peace you have from spending an hour with her is uplifting.
Thanks Lyn - I will be back.



Lyn-Marie has been doing readings for me for several years now. I feel I have been given amazing insight from every session I have had with her as things come to fruition....She has spoken to many of my friends/family who have crossed over. I find this very comforting.
I will continue to get readings as they give me clarity especially during times of uncertainty.
Lillian x